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Revitalizing Leadership: The New Mexico Legal Aid Manager's Retreat

Managers Retreat Group ShotLast month, the leadership and management team at New Mexico Legal Aid embarked on an enriching journey to Ruidoso for a Manager’s Retreat. Facilitated by Lori K. Weir, CEO and Founder of Strong Communities, this retreat was a catalyst for growth and reinvigoration.

Unveiling the Experience

For three days, we immersed ourselves in a transformative program. With a packed agenda, each day was meticulously designed to strengthen our team dynamics, enhance leadership skills, and foster a more connected and effective workplace.

Day 1: Setting the Foundation

The initial day was all about breaking the ice, building camaraderie, and understanding the pillars of organizational health. We delved into the 4 Disciplines of Organizational Health and addressed the impediments to high-performing teams. The exploration continued as we identified the qualities of an ideal team player and mastered communication techniques vital for effective leadership.

Day 2: Nurturing and Empowering

The following day was a deep dive into our individual strengths and talents. An intensive session, ‘The Genius Within,’ unveiled the power of our unique genius based on our CliftonStrengths results. This profound self-discovery laid the groundwork for a more aware and empowered leadership team.

Additionally, the Leadership 101 session provided a comprehensive and practical leadership-intensive, covering a spectrum of leadership essentials in an engaging and informative manner.

Managers Retreat Group Shot OutdoorsThe Transformative Impact

The retreat not only enhanced our teamwork but also deepened our individual understanding of our strengths and abilities. It fostered a more empathetic and skilled approach to our roles, allowing us to adapt and lead more effectively.

We’ve returned from this retreat rejuvenated and energized, equipped to face challenges with renewed confidence and strategies for success.

We look forward to employing our newfound knowledge and insights to strengthen the fabric of New Mexico Legal Aid, providing better service and support to our team and the communities we serve.

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