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New Mexico Legal Aid Unveils Refreshed Brand and Logo

NMLA Logo 2023New Mexico Legal Aid (NMLA) is excited to announce the launch of its newly refreshed brand and logo, an initiative designed to usher in a contemporary look for the organization while honoring its deep-rooted history of service to the New Mexican community.

The rebranding effort comes as a nod to NMLA’s commitment to adapt and grow while maintaining the foundational values that have made it a cornerstone of legal service in the state. The revamped visual identity boasts a clean, consistent, and professional appearance that seamlessly marries the organization’s legacy with its future aspirations.

GriffinWink, a renowned advertising agency located in the heart of Albuquerque, collaborated with NMLA on this ambitious rebranding journey. Their team provided expertise and creative vision that captured the essence of NMLA’s mission and values.

Sonya Bellafant, NMLA’s Executive Director, expressed her enthusiasm about the rebranding, stating, “We are deeply proud of our history and the trust our community places in us. This new brand not only symbolizes our growth but also our unwavering dedication to serving the people of New Mexico. We wanted a brand that embodies our spirit and resonates with both our team and the community we serve.”

James Hodgins, Director of Communications at NMLA, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Collaborating with GriffinWink was a rewarding experience. They truly understood our vision and worked diligently to encapsulate the legacy and future aspirations of NMLA in our refreshed brand. It’s a true reflection of our commitment to evolving while staying grounded in our roots.”

While the new logo has been officially unveiled, NMLA’s rebranding initiative doesn’t stop there. Over the coming months, the organization will be rolling out more of the brand, encompassing various outreach materials that the community can look forward to. This will ensure a cohesive and consistent representation of NMLA across all touchpoints.

As New Mexico Legal Aid continues to champion legal services and advocacy, its new brand stands as a testament to its mission, values, and relentless spirit of service. The future shines brightly for NMLA, and this rebranding is just the beginning.

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